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Don’t Let Your Last Wishes Be Ignored

Feel confident that your wishes will be followed when you draft a will with Michael T. Edwards.

Get the Legal Advice You Need to Make Sure Your Last Requests are Followed When You’re Gone

You cannot bestow any of your assets to non-immediate family members without a proper will. Direct the distribution of your assets after you’re gone when you create a will with Michael T. Edwards, Attorney at Law.
Ensure your last wishes are followed even if you become unable to communicate or pass away. We can help protect you by providing a variety of services, including:

  • Advanced healthcare directives and living wills
  • Establishment of powers of attorney
  • Complete estate planning and payable on death accounts

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Representation You Can Trust

Help your family begin the healing process sooner by having your affairs in order. Our experienced staff can also help with all your personal injury and civil litigation needs.

Feel confident when you allow Michael T. Edwards handle all of your estate planning needs. Contact us today for your FREE initial consultation and you will receive the personal, reliable and affordable representation you need.
Don’t leave your family with additional hardships after you pass away. With careful estate planning you can help your family avoid costly probate measures when you’re gone.

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